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Anonymous said: ummm for the band thingy arctic monkeys :))

Am I a fan?: Yes!

Favorite song: hmm probably Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High

Favorite album: AM

Favorite member: I guess Alex, I don’t really know the others

Seen live?: No :(

Unpopular opinion: I can’t really think of one

Band rate: 9/10


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ohthislovethativefound said: ed sharpe? :)

Am I a fan?: Kind of, I only know a few songs

Favorite song: definitely Home

Favorite album: I guess Up From Below, but I just don’t know the others that well

Favorite member: I love Alex and Jade, I don’t really know anyone else

Seen live?: nope

Unpopular opinion: I don’t know really

Band rate: 6/10

Thank you!

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Laundry Room

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The Perfect Space [x]

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Bulldoze the woods that I ran through
Carry the pictures of me and you
I have no memory of who I once was
and I don’t remember your name.
The Avett Brothers - “Tear Down the House” (via asymmetrical-ache)

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Anonymous said: Mumford and Sons

Am I a fan?: Obviously haha

Favorite song: Awake My Soul or After the Storm

Favorite album: that’s so hard, I think each album is amazing in its own way

Favorite member: Ben

Seen live?: YES

Unpopular opinion: idk I guess I’ve heard people say that Babel isn’t as good as Sigh No More but I disagree

Band rate: 10/10


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Am I a fan?:

Favorite song:

Favorite album:

Favorite member:

Seen live?:

Unpopular opinion:

Band rate:

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Bad Blood + last words 
 inspired by x

The These Streets image is from my hometown. That’s given me goosebumps.

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New Music from Mumford & Sons! From Marcus & Ted.

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// After The Storm - Mumford And Sons // on We Heart It.


// After The Storm - Mumford And Sons // on We Heart It.

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